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Companion Services
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Ongoing Volunteers
Time Frame :
Depends on the volunteer.
elders / seniors
This position will be very fulfilling for both the volunteer and the receiver. Companions will be asked to visit with the older adult either at their home and/or at the center. Often time, the companion is the only person an older adult may see all day long. As a result of the amount of in-home service that will be provided that volunteer will be subject to more frequent reviews than other positions. Typical Responsibilities and/or tasks  Visit with older adults, perhaps play games with them, read to them or with them, or reminisce.  Volunteer will need to provide or arrange for their own transportation to and from the older adults home.
Suggested qualifications, interests, and/or trainings  No suggested qualifications  Training may be provided depending on the availability and older adult that volunteer is working with. For example, training on dementia and other chronic diseases.
Adams Council on Aging
Programs, outreach, referrals, meals, and transportation for adults age 60+.

20 East St.
Adams, MA 01220
Phone: 413-743-8333
Website: http://www.town.adams.ma.us/Public_Documents/AdamsMA_Aging/programs
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