Blanche is one of the three 'Golden Girls' looking for a home, either here or in Miami.

Berkshire Humane Society Has Plenty of Pets Seeking Homes

By Brittany Polito
iBerkshires Staff
04:56PM / Friday, July 28, 2023

Skipper is an energetic year-old hound mix who would love to have some older kids to play with. 

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — With more than 140 animals currently at the Berkshire Human Society, there is a furry friend for everyone looking to adopt.

The shelter has 144 animals looking for new homes, down from more than 160 at its recent peak. These include dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and a bird with different personalities and life stories.

And Berkshire Humane needs to find these animals homes because there are even more waiting to enter the shelter. 

"We have about 20 people waiting to surrender cats here and then 15 on the dog side," marketing and  communications manager Catherine Hibbard said.

"So it's still high demand here. Even though we're, you know, doing our best to try to adopt them out."

Potential pet owners have just a few days left to take advantage of reduced adoption fees. The shelter is offering $100 off for dog and cat adoptions through the month of July in the hopes of giving all of the BHS residents a home.

Earlier this month, BHS reported that it was overwhelmed with cats and is in need of supplies, food, donations, and especially adoptees.

iBerkshires visited a handful of the available pets to learn more about them. These included bonded cats Myran and Itty Bitty, a trio of guinea pigs dubbed "The Golden Girls," and a hound mix named Skipper.

Myran and Itty Bitty

The male and female duo are about one year old and were found as strays. Because of their origins, they are rather shy and would preferably be in a home without kids or dogs.

Myran has acclimated pretty well and is more approachable, but his sister Itty Bitty is considered semi-feral. The shelter is seeking a special home for the two, as Itty Bitty may never be a cuddly cat. Though, Hibbard pointed out that there is always the possibility that she may turn around.

"We want them to go together because they just love each other," she explained.

Some situations that may be good for the siblings are an enclosed barn in need of rodent control or simply a home that accepts their need for space and patience. The shelter does not want them to be outside cats.

"They're really good cats," Hibbard said.

The two have been at BHS since April and are medium-sized dark tiger cats.

Through the shelter's buddy program, an adopter who pays the regular adoption fee for one of the animals can get the second pet's adoption fee for half off.

'The Golden Girls' Sophia, Rose and Blanche

These three female guinea pigs were dumped outside the shelter in a box about a month ago.

Because of this, not much is known about the trio who shelter staff named "The Golden Girls" after the popular television show. What they do know is that they are adult guinea pigs.

"Despite all that they have been through they are really friendly girls," Hibbard said.

Rose is brown, Sophia is a small calico and Blache is a large calico.

The three are to be adopted together and, to an approved applicant, their adoption is free until the end of the month.


The year-old hound mix is described as a lovebug and a "very friendly goofball."

Weighing in at about 62 pounds, his exuberance sometimes gets the best of him but he is working on keeping all fours on the floor no matter how excited he gets to meet new people.  

He is great with other dogs but not cats and would do best in a home with older children due to his jumping tendencies.

Skipper has been at the shelter since April.

He was delighted to play with his friend Tru — who is also available for adoption — in the shelter's fenced-in area during iBerkshire's visit.

"He just needs to have the right person to find him but he's just a cute dog," Hibbard said.

Find out how to adopt these pets and others at


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